Thursday, September 15, 2011

NYC Announces Bike Share System to be Run by Alta

New Yorkers and those of us who visit there will have about 10,000 simple, strong, utilitarian bikes parked around the city to use as we please starting some time next year. Read about it in the NYTimes, the Post, and the Daily News.

For those of you who might be conjuring up memories of the failed Yellow Bikes here in LR, strike that association from your head. A bike share system like the one proposed in NYC is completely different from just scattering some clunkers around and relying on the honor system to keep them available. To use a contemporary bike share system you walk up to a kiosk, swipe your card, take a bike that automatically unlocks and ride away. In most systems the first 30-45 minutes of use are free, and you don't have to return the bike to the same kiosk you picked it up from.

Note to LR Planners: New York has spent the last few years massively beefing up their bike infrastructure. A bike share system can't be plopped down as a silver bullet to make a city bike friendly overnight when there's no infrastructure to use it on to speak of.

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