Thursday, September 1, 2011

Trails from the Heights to Riverdale

Max Brantley reports on plans  by the Heights Neighborhood Association, the city and the Bike-Friendly Community Committee to build an ADA-accessible trail from the Heights down to the River Trail and Rebsamen Park Road. Possible starting point would be at the corner of Taylor and Scenic with the trail going down into the gully to the east before angling north to cross the tracks.

The only paved access that exists now for all the people north of Cantrell Road is Overlook Drive, which is extremely steep and not very close to the eastern end of the Heights. This new trail will provide a key link in the city's bike infrastructure by connecting a large bike friendly neighborhood to the main path leading downtown. By my figuring the heart of the Heights will be an easy 5 mile ride from Capitol and Broadway after this trail goes in, making commuting by bike a very viable option for a large number of people.

Future plans include an ADA-accessible trail connecting the Foxcroft area to the River Trail too.

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