Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Traffic Fatalities

On the eve of the holiday driving season, here's a sobering map showing road fatalities by type for the period from 2001-2009. Click in the lower right corner or here to bring up a larger map where you can zoom in and out and see other parts of the country.

Patrick Kennedy over at CarFreeInBigD has some insightful commentary. Two quick observations before I head back to the books: (1) in contrast to just about everywhere in the United States, the city of Copenhagen (population: ~500k) has a stated goal of reducing traffic deaths to zero for an entire year, down from the five they had last year; (2) we aren't going to have any meaningful impact on this epidemic if we continue designing roads to move ever more cars at higher speeds and continue to shape our cities and towns around that old-fashioned mode of transportation.

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