Wednesday, December 14, 2011

And I Thought the Chenal Rule Codified Lack of Soul

I read about some in city government's interest to revisit the 'Chenal Rule' in yesterday's paper (paywall). This despite promising 17 years ago it wouldn't widen Chenal Parkway. But hey, what's a promise, right? We've covered induced demand and why this will only further sprawl and do nothing for actual traffic. Let's think only about the car when we're spending our tax dollars on roads, right?

Well, there are a couple of relatively minor things that could be done to improve the condition if we must (and we mustn't) grow Chenal. Check out the idea of ThrU turns that that bastion of liberalism, Salt Lake City is doing. SLC, by the way, is undertaking some great smart growth efforts because they see the value of conserving our natural areas by limiting or avoiding sprawl and the fiscal sense of smart growth efforts.


  1. Neat idea but where are the bike lanes?

    As far as Chenal, I think they've always been able to make road improvements but those had to be paid for by local developers instead of the whole city. Let those who profit from the infrastructure pay for it. This sounds like some developers have been lobbying city government.

    How nice will it bee when we have 6 lanes going through the middle of Pinnacle Mountain State Park? This has got to stop somewhere.

  2. You're right about the bike lanes, of course. Narrower lanes help, too.

    My understanding is that while the developers do & will pay for the widening, you & me the taxpayer pay for the eternal upkeep. That's the rub.

    I saw the ThrU turn video & it seemed particularly applicable to Chenal as I know I've sat on 630-W at a standstill as far back as the Mississippi St. exit. Ridiculous.