Monday, December 5, 2011

Surface Parking in Downtown Little Rock

I found this on the knobs & tubes of the Internet, so I can't speak 100% to it's accuracy, but it looks pretty close. I know that three surface lots have been added since I first saw this image - two from the loss of the old Channel 4 building and another across the street from the former Channel 4 building.

This photo also doesn't include the buildings demolished on Main Street that aren't parking lots, but rather just holes in our downtown.


  1. It looks like they also missed the River Market parking deck and the parking deck under the Double Tree. Plus the parking near the amphitheater and within the circle at I-30. Probably others as well (not to mention all the parking at Clinton Library.

  2. downloaded the photo from but check out this link that compiles all the photos with some context

  3. Similar map I made awhile ago... based solely on satellite imagery: