Monday, December 5, 2011

An Update From the State [Updated]

Via the Arkansas Blog: Anne Laidlaw, the director of the state Building Authority, says the tree removal behind the Capitol was more about avoiding damage from falling limbs from the root-compacted trees than necessarily about creating more spaces (I'm no arborist, but might the asphalt have something to do with compacted roots?). The current plan is to spend $400,000 on the tree removal, repaving, re-striping, better lighting, and more security cameras.

Still, even though the main problem as the state sees it seems to be parking-related, it sounds like there're no plans to spend any of that money in ways that would encourage people to actually do anything but drive. Everything's going to be fine and dandy once we add just a few more parking spaces and get rid of the pesky trees that might drop limbs on our cars. I shudder to think of where that logic is going to put is in a few years.

Hopefully I'll hear back from Laidlaw soon regarding the tree crew's assertion that a combination of removing the trees' traffic islands and shrinking all the spaces by 6" during the re-striping would add 100 new spots.

From Laidlaw:
The ‘paver’ island will not be replaced, however, there will be a new sidewalk and very well marked pedestrian walkways provided with crosswalks, stop signs, directional signage, speed bumps and more lighting added for improved pedestrian safety.  Islands will be limited to the ends of the parking rows to maximize the number of spaces.  Traffic flow within, in and out of the DWS lot will be also be improved. 
I am not opposed to ways to decrease traffic and improve access.  We added bike racks some time back to encourage biking and our locker rooms/showers are about to undergo improvements as well to support our MAC tenants who may choose an alternative means of transportation. 
We're waiting to hear a final number of new spaces. 

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