Monday, January 30, 2012

Little Rock Tweed Ride

from J Stuart Williamson
Little Rock's first tweed ride saw about 75 stately folks of all shapes, sizes, and ages enjoying the absolutely perfect weather on Sunday on an eclectic collection of bikes. Good clean fun was had by all. We started the ride at the Clinton Library, rolled down President Clinton Avenue, crossed the Main Street bridge to Argenta, circled back around to Little Rock, made a short photo-op stop at the Old Statehouse, headed over to the Capitol, and finished things up with drinks at the Capital Hotel. The staff there greeted us with open doors and led us with our bikes through the ornate lobby and into the ballroom / bike parking area.

Mason Ellis and both have write-ups about the event if you'd like to read more.

And finally, additional pictures from Sunday's ride, in no particular order...
From Kelsey Thornton
Mid-day January shadows are cool:
From Vanessa McKuin
From Vanessa McKuin
Heading back to LR from Argenta:
Main Street bridge, via Kelsey Thornton
Leaving the Clinton Library:
Preservationists before the ride:
From Vanessa McKuin
Heading south in Argenta:
From Vanessa McKuin
Nice hat, Professor Gould!
From Kelsey Thornton
What century is this again?
From Kelsey Thornton
Capital Hotel lobby:
From Vanessa McKuin
Handlebar moustache:
From Kelsey Thornton
Cords were welcomed too:
Yours truly, via Kelsey Thornton
The only way to travel:
Refreshments. From J Stuart Williamson

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