Sunday, February 26, 2012

Welcome to Little Rock, Hold On To Your Recycling

I just returned from a quick trip. I bought an overpriced bottle of water in the Charlotte airport. I carried it off the plane looking for a place in the terminal to recycle it before I got to my car. I saw five different styles of trash cans but nary a recycle bin. A little design consistency, please.

I tried to recycle my newspaper when I finished reading it the morning of my outbound flight but absent a recycle option I left it lying around hoping some other soul would enjoy with wit & wisdom of Wally.

This can't be terribly complicated. I visited four other airports this week - Memphis, Dulles, Reagan& Charlotte. Each had recycling. The Little Rock airport's website notes they re
cycle nearly 50 tons of cardboard & paper a year. I can only assume this is commercial recycling. I applaud those efforts. But it'd be nice to send a signal to our visitors that we care enough about the environment to give travelers the option of recycling their overpriced water or complimentary hotel copy of USA Today.

I tried to call the airport to ask why they don't have consumer recycle bins but an overly complicated computerized menu made that next to impossible.

one of the lovely trash bins at LIT

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