Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break and the Tech Park

Spring Break is almost here, and with it will come a few updates from this blogger. In the mean time, regarding Little Rock's Technology Park plans, two articles came across my screen this week that are apropos:

1. How Amazon got the urban campus right.
2. How Apple is getting it so wrong.

I hope to dive much deeper into the issue next week, but for now- take a gander at what the LR Tech Park Authority is showing off to illustrate their suburban vision. Those yellow buildings are parking decks. That red line is likely a perimeter fence to separate what's going on inside the development from the life outside. The grey things are surface parking lots.
This couldn't be farther from where we need to be going as a city.
Come back to this here blog for a more detailed critique, alternative ideas, and maybe a Venn diagram or two next week!

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