Saturday, August 22, 2015

What's New?

Yep, we're back. A few things happened during the last 3.25 hibernatory trips around the sun. Here's a smattering...
The Good
-the City of LR striped a few bike lanes around these parts, including a semi-protected bike lane downtown that caused a wee bit of consternation,
-Central Arkansas Transit became Rock Region Metro,
-there's a steady influx of people moving into central Arkansas cities' downtowns and surrounding neighborhoods,
-studioMain is rockin' and rollin',
-some good folks are running full steam ahead with the Central Rail Trail and trail to Hot Springs concepts with the ideas combined as the Southwest Trail.

The Bad
-the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department finished-ish its $150 million I-430/I-630 interchange embiggenment, complete with ribbon cutting,
-the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department began and is somewhere in the middle of the planning phase for embiggening Interstate 30 where it slices right through the heart of downtowns Little Rock and North Little Rock,
-the overwhelming consensus, especially among those who spend our money, still seems to be that throwing huge piles of dollars at bigger roads, parking decks, diverging diamond interchanges, and their ilk is an 'investment' while building bike lanes, better public transit systems, making walking easier are wastes,
-the plague of demolition runs rampant, though there is a glimmer of hope here,
-the River Trail loop is still not closed.

How MoveArkansas plans to fit in
I still like the tagline I came up with over 4 years ago for this space: "Shifting the conversation on cycling, transit, planning & design in Central Arkansas" and will probably keep on keepin' on with that as my guide-star-north-light-lofty-foundation-thingy. Blogs are admittedly pretty old-fashioned these days, but they're still a great way to get ideas out there in a form slightly less ethereal than a Facebook timeline or Twitter feed. Plus, I just like doing it. So there. The realm of possible subject matter has grown a bit in my mind from before, but everything will connect back in some way to how we choose to arrange our physical environment. It'll be a meandering path, hopefully with some stops along the way that interest a lot of folks. Time is short and the problems are many, so don't expect any kind of here's-how-we-should-fix-it-all-according-to-Timbo theory of everything.

Speaking of time, I'm going to go ride a bike now.

Hello World, again

Here we go!