Saturday, October 24, 2015

Curb Cut to Nowhere

Yep. We're back. So let's return to pointing out where we could do a bit better.

Take a look at this curb cut to nowhere. At Kavanaugh Boulevard & Hillcrest the road forks. In between there's an island. The Pedestrian Refuge or Pedestrian Island can be produced in a variety of styles & formats.   I can't find one recommendation that offers just one curb cut. Of course, only one curb cut means those crossing the street in a wheelchair or other alternative mobility devices will be forced to enter & exit the island at the same spot rather than exit nearest the side of the street they're ultimately trying to get to. Access and time it takes to cross the street is impacted. This can be dangerous, particularly when time is of an issue.

Now take a look at a Google Streetview of the street. The streetview is a bit old (July 2014)  but it gives you an idea of the area. The streetview also seems to indicate an awareness for the need of painted crosswalk for half of the street but over one year later, it hasn't happened.
Now this is a street adjacent to a school (Mount Saint Mary's) in a neighborhood that's by & large walkable. But details matter.

Crosswalks offer an opportunity to not just enhance walkability but also the provide a bit of creativity and whimsy. Perhaps something like this:

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  1. Good post! Details do matter - as does demanding that your local government plan out its infrastructure and build it with connectivity in mind. As a side note: I really like the fishbone crosswalk example - those creative projects bring whimsy and personality to a community and are details that matter. (Although I was always curious how communities are able to get those done. If you are interested in more, Baltimore had some cool ones that they painted awhile ago.